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Tre Palmer and Landon Herndon, the founders of Kingsman Home Service, share a remarkable backstory. Despite growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, they never crossed paths until they met in Scottsdale, Arizona. Surprisingly, they discovered they had lived just five doors apart and even attended the same Centerville Jr. High without ever meeting. Their initial encounter in Scottsdale, at their apartment complex, sparked an instant connection, and within hours, they recognized their shared ambition to create something impactful together. Just a month later, they both made the bold decision to leave their respective careers behind and embark on their entrepreneurial journey with Kingsman Home Service. Tre's expertise in construction paired with Landon's entrepreneurial spirit, fostered from starting his first home service business at the age of nine, made them a perfect match. Their synergy and passion for serving others drove them to build a thriving business dedicated to excellence in home services.

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At Kingsman Home Service, our mission is deeply rooted in serving people with genuine care and ensuring that customer feedback guides every aspect of our operations. Inspired by Tre and Landon's compassionate spirit, born from their deep appreciation for their grandparents, we are driven to ease the burdens of those who have worked tirelessly their entire lives and are now enjoying retirement, as well as those who are busy with the demands of everyday life and lack the time to handle the services we offer. Our goal is to provide invaluable support, allowing individuals to embrace life fully without the weight of household tasks.

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At Kingsman Home Service, our vision is to achieve rapid and effective growth, demonstrating that true progress stems from prioritizing the customer above all else. As we expand and scale our operations, we remain vigilant in observing every step taken, ensuring that we leave the home service industry in a better state than we found it. We are committed to sharing the insights and lessons we've gleaned along the way, with the aim of assisting other home service companies in implementing customer-centric practices to foster their growth and success.

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